Trust me, I know what that word means, it’s just…sigh…

me: (looking at the big pile of recycling blocking the garage door) Wow, we have quite a brigade over here.

Jack: What?

me: It’s all blocked up. (I step around the bags and start picking things up so I can get by)

Jack: You mean “blockade”?

me: (I stop and look up) Eh? What did I say??

Jack: You said “brigade”. Look I’ll show you what blockade means. (he flips to the glossary in his Star Wars book). “Blockade, something that prevents or blocks access to something else”. Like the garage.

me: Oh boy, you are right. What’s a brigade again? Part of an army? Well I meant blockade. I’m tired.

Jack: We need a brigade to clean your blockade hahahaha!

me: Thanks Mr. smarty pants…

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