99 bottles of rudeness…

Even if you take one down and pass it around, you’ll have 98 more bottles of rudeness to swallow. According to Jack.

Jack: What’s that song that everyone sings and you count down stuff?

me: 99 bottles of beer?

Jack: I guess. Why is it beer?

me: I don’t know. That’s how I learned it.

Jack: Then you take one down and pass it around. Why? You all share it?

me: I don’t know. I never really thought about it. It’s just a fun song. You sing it. That’s all.

Jack: They all fit on the wall?

me: Let it go.

Jack: (singing) 99 bottles of mom’s rudeness in the kitchen…

me: Sigh. Come here, you’re gonna get a spanking. (I’m joking of course, but Jack loves to get “spanked”)

Jack: (running back in) Okay!

me: Lay on my lap. You’re gonna get it! 30 whacks! One for each day of the month!

Jack: Oh yeah, this is gonna be good. (I start spanking and he’s cracking up) Spank me more! No not that cheek. The other one has more resistance!

me: You’re weird. Just like your Uncle John. He liked to be tied up when he was 7. Ha ha!

Jack: Well I have some rope in the basement. Tie me to the closet door and force me to answer questions!

me: Nah…I’m thinking no…

Jack: Then can I do a Jedi mind trick on you? You will let me have another piece of chocolate.

me: No.

Jack: No? Rats. Gotta change my strategy. Boy, those pants give you a giant wedgie…

me: Oh really? Where’s that rope again?

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