I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

I just don’t even know what to say

Well of course I know what to say. I BLOG for Pete’s sake. But because of my current locale for the last week (no good phone service) I have been unable to post a THING! I’m getting a bad reputation over here. Because I’m like a post-a day (okay every-other-day) kinda girl. But hey, how have YOU been posting Hmmm? I haven’t seen YOU around for awhile either. Check your blog and tell me the last time YOU posted. Go ahead.

That’s right.  I turned THAT around on you, didn’t I!? Okay I know Closet Fashionista and So what are you making for dinner are both pretty faithful but howzabout the rest of y’all? Hmmm?  My links aren’t working because I’m tapping this out with my thumb on my iPhone which has AT&T and actually gets service in this hotel in Ft. Lauderdale. Unlike the iPad. SIGHHHH!

But now I’m at my sister’s house and my neice kindly informed me that I can use their computer! DUHHH! Why didn’t I think of this DAYS ago??

But she’s 11 and pretty smart for her age. I’m like (forty something……lalalalala) and have been losing brain cells at an alarming rate.

So Jack has been saying stuff. Like right now he just yelled out “We have a big fat surprise for ya!” And who knows what he’s talking about. I’m really behind on the sh*t of course. But don’t give up on us entirely. I’m trying to get it all together. 🙂



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