The way a boy tinkers

Jack: I’m gonna be in the garage tinkering on the bike. (a 10-speed we picked up at the dump for Jack to “work on”)

me: Put on a jacket, it’s cold in there.

Jack: Nahhhh it’s fine. Tinkering warms me up.

me: Where’d you get that word from anyway? Do I say it?

Jack: It’s like when you play with something and mess it all up.

me: Really? Who taught you that word?

Jack: I don’t know. It’s probably from Tinker Toys. You “tinker” with your “toys”. (he air quotes)

me: So you just decided to “tinker” with your “bike”?

Jack: Don’t copy me!! And you can go “tinker” me up a “snack” because I’m hungry!

me: Nice.

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