Happy Mudder’s Day!

Come on, you know I had to do it.

My Mother’s Day was … ok. I spent a lot of time working, so it wasn’t really a day of rest. I still have hours to go before bed. Sigh…

But Tough Mudder is over, so I can sort of be normal again, right? A whole weekend of torture, that I paid for? I won’t tell you then that I think I may be signing up for a 26 mile beast of a course in September. It’s kind of addicting. Heh heh. I’ll slap some photos in here to show you what my two teams looked like before and after the events. Keep scrolling…

Day 1 – Before the event – Decked out in fake staches, because we’re cool like that. Me, my brother in red, and my boss in blue:


Day 2 – Before the event – Entire work team in neon green…though some people are hidden. I’m right in front of course. We had like 16 people. My retinas have still not recovered:


I’ll bring this back around to sh*t Jack says, by giving you a little taste of what I’ve been hearing in the last few days. Good stuff I tell you!

Jack: There are two things I’m worried about. One is Walmart…why do we hate them when their commercials look soooo good?? And the other is heart attacks.

me: Hm. Ya got me there.

Jack: And another thing…If aliens aren’t real, then WHY are there SO many pictures of them? Hmmm?

me: Uh…

Jack: Why don’t they just close down the Bermuda Triangle if people keep disappearing there?? Sheesh!

me: All very good points. I’ll have to get back to you on that. (looking for bottle of aspirin…)


And because this is all that’s been on my mind for the last few months…here are the rest of the pics. Notice how cave-like and smokey my hair gets in the “after” photos. Not sure why I didn’t tie it back this year. I guess I forgot.

Day 1 – During…me running, still clean at the start:


Day 1 – After the fire walk and then at the end. Whew:


Day 2 – During… The ice dunk tank (aka Where Sandy Almost Died…she’s the one with me jumping)


Day 2 – Me getting electrocuted, and then the ravishing effects of electricity on my hair. Still smoking a bit there. Oh and notice my rock star belt! Some kid tossed it on the trail in a fit of rage. I of course accessorized!



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