If I Had a Million Wishes

I’d buy you a house…

Come on, no Barenaked Ladies fans out there? Yes I know it’s dollars not wishes. Calm down. 🙂 The one fan that reads my blog, and they have to give me grief.

Okay where was I?

Jack: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

me: First, I’d wish for more wishes.

Jack: Heyyyy, that’s MY idea!

me: I’m sure it’s a popular one among the wishers…

Jack: But for real if there were only 3 and you couldn’t wish for wishes, what would you wish for?

me: World peace. (Any Groundhog Day fans out there? Toast to that?)

Jack: So it’s quiet??

me: No, peace among all people. No fighting and stuff.

Jack: Okayyy, but how does that help you? Nevermind. What’s 2?

me: Um, That I would be healthy and never sick or hurt?

Jack: That’s a good one! What’s 3?

me: I’d still have to go for more wishes, because if you’re actually getting real wishes, I think they can’t tell you what to wish for, sooo….

Jack: Okay, here’s what I’d wish for! One. I’d wish for ANYTHING I ever wanted. It would magically appear. I don’t even have to think about it.

me: All at once? Like in a big pile? Cuz that would hurt.

Jack: (pondering) Hmmm, no just whenever I thought I would need anything. I don’t know! (looks at me like I’m crazy.) Okay, here’s two! That I would never get sick or need shots or have to brush my teeth …and that junk food is good for you.

me: Uhh…

Jack: YES that’s all one wish. They can’t tell me it’s NOT one wish.

me: They?

Jack: So the third wish is that I’d wish for a MILLION more wishes. Then I’d give them out to my family. Because we can wish for more wishes. I decided.

me: That’s very sweet.

Jack: Sighhhh…..

me: What…

Jack: This is never EVER going to happen is it?

me: No.

Jack and me: Sighhhh….

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