I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Jealous of …

Today we went to our neighbor’s house for a cookout and some fun on their water slide. Their little boy decided he would like to sit near me, then on me, and then he wanted to wrestle and show off mowing the lawn with his popping mower. He’s 4. And frankly I think grown men act the same way. We had fun rolling around on the lawn until 60-pound Jack figured he had seen enough. He tackled me and almost broke my face. Interesting! So I paid some more attention to Jack and then forgot about it. Jack did not and brought it up again during his bath.

Jack: How come you were talking baby talk to G?

me: We were just playing around. Did it bother you?

Jack: Of course it did! Are you replacing me?

me: No! Of course not.

Jack: I didn’t like it and he’s not your special boy, I AM!

me: Gotcha.

Jack: And don’t be so “affectionate” all the time (he air quotes), it’s soooo annoying.

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