I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

When sorry just isn’t enough. Or maybe it’s too much. I’m confused.

me: Jack it’s 9:20! I told you to set the timer for 20 minutes and wake me up. (Yeah I make him do that. What of it?)

Jack: Sorry.

me: You’ve been playing on the computer for 2 hours?? Didn’t it occur to you that it was too long and you might need a break? Or food?

Jack: I forgot! You’re mad at me!

me: No I’m not mad, just disappointed that you didn’t listen. I should have set my alarm better. It’s okay. I just like you to take a break from the computer so your eyes can rest.

Jack: I said SORRY! Don’t be mad!

me: I’m not mad. Really! (we make breakfast and eat outside on the deck)

me: Don’t forget to listen to what I say next time, please.

Jack: Can we please remember that I already said sorry and you already accepted it and we can move on?

me: uh…yeah…sure… (sighhhh…)

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