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What is sexy? And do we really know it?

Luckily I’m speaking in the context of a 7-year-old mind, or else you’d get an earful! And photos! Ahhh, that’s another blog entirely. (mind wanders)

Oh yeah, my story….

Jack: You look sexy!

me: I do? What do you mean? Do you mean pretty?

Jack: I mean pretty. But what’s sexy?

me: It’s what you might say to your girlfriend when you’re grown up. It’s a compliment, but not really from a little boy to his mom.

Jack: Oh. You explain things, but I never really get the full definition do I?

me: No.

Jack: Because I’m 7?

me: Pretty much. “Need to know” basis.

Jack: Why are the bases need to know?

me: It means, I give you the information you need as you need it. And no more. You’re still little.

Jack: But you still look sexy.

me: Sigh.

Jack: Okay, “pretty”.

me: That’s better.

Jack: Now tell me again about how I’ll call my girlfriend sexy?

me: Enough!

And I just wanted an excuse to post this video. 🙂

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