Failure…is NOT an option!

Jack: Sighhhhhh…

me: What’s going on?

Jack: I wish I had a girlfriend…sighhhhh…

me: What about Gigi?

Jack: Uh, she hardly knows I exist!

me: She’s your friend, of course she knows you exist.

Jack: She doesn’t even sit at my table. Remember? She sits at the BRUTAL table. SIGHHHHHH!!!

me: Well, do something nice for her and maybe she’ll notice you.

Jack: I did actually help her with some work today… (he ponders that for awhile with a smile)

me: Well, why don’t you just ask her to be your girlfriend?

Jack: And when exactly am I supposed to do that? There are 2 girls at her table that won’t let me near her and one boy that will just say EWWWW!

me: Get her alone in the hall.

Jack: WHEN??

me: On the way to lunch maybe?

Jack: Oh, so then everyone will wonder why we’re behind in line and then ask what we’re talking about? No WAY.

me: Why don’t you write her a note, put it in an envelope and tell her to read it when she gets home?

Jack: I do NOT want a repeat of MEGAN from last year.

me: (trying not to laugh remembering all the angst of the marriage proposal) Oh yeah…

Jack: So what’s my other option?

me: Give up?

Jack: Failure is NOT an option MOM!


I’m just gonna say, sometimes I seriously forget that I’m speaking to a boy that recently turned 7.

7 thoughts on “Failure…is NOT an option!”

      1. Yes ma’am that was me. Everytime my husband and I are bickering (the friendly kind) I always try to repeat what he says on the magnet, but then I forget mess it up, add my own words, and then he can’t help but crack up. :0)


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