I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Yesterday’s post…follow-up

I asked Jack about his comment yesterday…I repeated it back to him and tried to see if he thought it was still sound advice…to not try your best.

me: So what do you think about trying your hardest and maybe failing, OR trying no-so-hard and succeeding if you get lucky. Do you think that’s the way to tackle the world?

Jack: I know you’re talking about Taekwondo.

me: No I’m not. But that would apply…

Jack: So, wait, what?

me: You said it yesterday, remember?

Jack: I would still not try very hard and then hope for the best. (he laughs at this)

me: But why not try your very very best at everything?

Jack: That just cuts into my TV time.

me: Sigh…


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