Apology Letter

Really? The 2nd to last day of school? The day before, Jack came home and told me he moved up to “Great Day” on his chart. I couldn’t have been prouder. I was so happy that the year was going to end on a good note. Until I went to pick Jack up at school today. They had a half day. His teacher stopped me in the hallway to give me the lowdown. Jack hung his head. I looked at him like he had 2 heads. He really knew better than to do this. I mean…really? With a BAGEL??


11 thoughts on “Apology Letter”

  1. This is perhaps the most hilarious apology letter I’ve ever seen. So, what would have happened if you didn’t sign it? This kid should grow up to be a drummer- his timing is perfect.


    1. Thanks! I’m not sure what would have happened, because I was too afraid not to sign it. I’m a total authority sucker. They draw a line with a sharpie and tell me to sign…so I sign! Yeah, he’s developing timing and delivery. Maybe stand-up comedy in his future. Or space travel.


    1. I know, it IS funny. You should have seen my face when the teacher had to tell me what happened. I mean really! Jack couldn’t look at me because he knew what I was thinking. And no, I didn’t get to keep it which is why I took the photo. 🙂


  2. Well, that’s a lesson we all learn at one time or another – some things just won’t flush. Better it happens at school, though, right? I recon that’s worth the price of an apology letter 🙂


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