3 writing samples from a 7-year old

I’m still impressed by his use of descriptive words and phrases. Though I think they kinda force that out of them in class. Take a read and let me know what you think! These were all copied from Jack’s writing journal which came home with him on the last day of school. I had never seen these stories before. They certainly kept busy in 2nd grade!

1. Head-eating Cyclops.

As I approached the big haunted house, I trembled with fear. I slowly reached out for the front door knob and slowly turned it and opened it. When I walked inside, the door slammed shut!! I noticed a one-eyed cyclops eating dead peoples heads. As soon as it saw me, it raced away leaving a cloud of dust and about 20 uneaten human heads behind. When I listened, I could hear something making the stairs creak. I saw a little shadow race across the whole upstairs. My heart kinda stopped for a second. What was that??? I thought to myself. Suddenly I fell into a snake pit. Ahhhhhh! I screamed. I noticed a button. I ran to press it and a door opened! I was safe.

2. The story with no ending or punctuation or pauses of any kind.

Sometimes me and my Mom go to Florida for a week and we go to the pool sometimes and we visit my cousins for a day then we go to the beach for an hour then we go to the playground then we go back to our hotel and watch TV then go to the arcade then we play ping-pong then we go to the snack bar then we go into the pool then in the hot tub then on the water slede then we go back to our hotel and go to bed.

(Whew, sometimes our vacations DO feel like that!)

3. The Robber of Lego City

Dunt Dun Dun!! It all started with a football game. The score was 10 to 0. It was Patriots vs. Giants. Just as the Patriots got past the quarterback, a tiny claw dropped down from above and grabbed the football. Hey! Everybody shouted. The Giants noticed a helicopter with about 5 criminals in it, all laughing and pointing. We have to call the police, said the Patriots! The city’s not safe when criminals are around! 20 minutes later, 10 police were chasing the 5 criminals. They were in a red van. We need backup! A policeman said into his radio. 2 minutes later, 6 helicopters appeared out of the sky.

(I’ll have to ask him to finish that one. A nail biter if I ever read one!)

So there you have it. He wrote a very long one about a snowball fight and how I blocked all of his missiles with my snow shovel, but I don’t have the ambition to type all of that right now.


Jack: You’re typing this in your blog, right?

me: Yeah, people like reading your stories.

Jack: Whatever you do, don’t type the story about the penguins, okay?

me: What’s wrong with the penguin story? It’s cute.

Jack: Mom, it’s not all figured out yet. I ended it with the word “donuts” and that doesn’t make any sense. So don’t do it!

me: Okay. But now I want donuts.

Jack: You had too many sweets today.

me: Amen to that.

6 thoughts on “3 writing samples from a 7-year old”

  1. Do all 2nd graders write this way now? or is it just Jack? maybe he’ll end up in the movie industry. a writer or something like that.


      1. Somewhat interested. He would rather read than write though! I’m going to see if he will give me another book review for his page on this site. Fingers crossed! 🙂


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