8 things I heard before Jack left

Jack went to stay with his dad this week. I had a few things to do out of town, one for business and one for pleasure. Jack and I spent a lot of time together in the week before he went away, and we had tons of fun (and ice cream). It’s really quiet in the house now that I’m back. The cats are antsy, they keep going to his room and yowling. Kind of sad I guess.

Jack has had a lot of interesting things to say. Did you gather that from reading this blog? Ha. Anyway, I took note of some of these things before he left…quite varied and random, but definitely entertaining.

What’s the best thing you’ve heard your child say this week??


8. There’s not much to comfort a mad mom.

7. Heh, heh, I just shut off the light with my nose!

6. I rate today a “10”, except for the part when a 5-year-old girl kept trying to kiss me!

5. How do I know if something is important if I don’t get paid to do it!!??

4. What’s the opposite of infinity? (pause) Negative infinity. Duhhhhh…

3. This song is definitely by an extreme blues master. The other one was definitely an extreme jazz master.

2. You know, gremlins don’t chew bubble gum.

1. You yelled at me… don’t you remember? If you can’t even remember your own past I’ll throw a cup of water on you to help you remember.

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