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I don’t even think I’m your real son…

Jack: … because my real mom would NOT be so annoying and yell all the time.

me: I didn’t even raise my voice Jack…

Jack: You’re yelling right now!

me: Sigh.

Jack: You hate me.

me: I love you.

Jack: Then don’t make me write that dumb thing 10 times!

me: It’s how you learn that there are consequences for your actions.

Jack: Writing is not a consequence, it’s just you being annoying!

me: Now you have to write it 15 times. Want to keep talking back?

Jack: AARRRGGGHHH!!! (mild fit of rage in the back seat)

me: Don’t kick the seat.

Jack: Can I see my birth certificate? The real one with the seal on it?

me: Very funny. You tried that one already. You think I don’t remember all of THAT coming out of my body?

Jack: My real Mom wouldn’t be that annoy—

me: Are you trying for 20?

Jack: I guess I’ll have to stay up REAL late to write all that.

me: Nope. You can write it in the morning when you get up. Instead of watching a video.

Jack: How do you even think me writing “I will not talk back to my Mom” 15 times is making me learn anything!!??

me: I guess you’ll think twice about it next time knowing that you’re gonna start off with 10 lines to write. It’s your call.

Jack: Yeah, THAT’S my call? How about my call is watching a video and not writing the dumb sentences.

me: I’m thinking this conversation should be over right about now.

Jack: Stop yelling at me! I can’t wait to go to Dad’s. And I’m NOT gonna call you even once.

me: (Sighhhhh, and so on and so forth.)


Any advice? I’m thinking I need some.

Later that night Jack was all hugs and kisses and cute and funny. Exhausting.

2 thoughts on “I don’t even think I’m your real son…”

  1. Aw, it is exhausting. I’ve been there – more than once. I can’t honestly say that there is one solution that works. But I have found that not responding at all doesn’t give them any ammo. But after a few minutes of them going on – I up it another 5 sentences. The first few times I enforced it, they were amazed. But after a few times of me actually making them sit down and write the sentences – they learned I meant what I said. And they respected that line when I drew it. Grant us patience and to it RIGHT NOW! lol – we need it when dealing with the kids.


    1. Sooo exhausting. He had to write some more today. This has been a bad week or so. I’m hoping it’s either a phase, or he’s getting sick or something to explain the madness!


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