I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The Stripey Chronicles

Jack and Stripey last summer on our trip to Florida.


Jack: Can you sew Stripey’s leg before it falls off?

me: You mean the one that was broken and stitched before?

Jack: Yeah. The stuffing’s all gone out of it and I think it’s gonna fall off.

me: I’ll go sew it right now, and you find another friend to hold onto tonight.

Jack: Mittens. I mean Pepper.

(we both laugh because Jack has a Beanie Baby cat that we named Mittens, and then we found the tag that said its name was Pepper. So her real name is now officially “Mittens I Mean Pepper”. Kinda have to be in the family to laugh at this sh*t.)

me: Okay, here she is. I’ll go fix Stripey and then I’ll tuck her into your arm when you’re sleeping. Okay?

Jack: Okay. Thanks. Goodnight.

(I go sew Stripey up, can’t do much with the stuffing, and then sneak back into Jack’s room.)

Jack: (sleepily) Is she better?

me: Her leg is totally strong, but the stuffing is what it is. I couldn’t really fix it.

Jack: It actually feels better! Thanks Mom. We can try to fix it better in the morning.

me: Goodnight.

Jack: Ahhhh, so relaxing to have Stripey back.


Some facts and trivia about Stripey:

– She replaced “Baby Kitty” after we lost her on Mother’s Day looking for corn at the store. Talk about stressful!

– We found Stripey at a pet store, near the register. It was love at first sight.

– Jack still sleeps with Stripey…it’s been about 3 or 4 years since we got her.

– Stripey was once torn apart by my sister’s dogs. Stuffing and pellets everywhere. Jack literally had a breakdown. I sewed her back together minutes before we had to leave for a huge party. No pressure or anything. He was screaming. It was 95 degrees. I was in heels crawling around picking up the scattered bits.

– When Jack went on his first sleepover last weekend, he chose Eagle the Beagle to take with him, rather than Stripey. Hmmm. Growing up?


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