I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The Elusive 4th Dimension

Jack thinks he found it. And it may or may not have to do with french fries. I’m still not sure about that.

Jack: Mom, let me tell you something. So there’s the 3rd dimension, right? And then the next dimension is the 32nd dimension. Wait, that’s not right.

me: 32nd?

Jack: Ummm, I mean, well you know when something is FLAT (wild hand gestures here), and then THAT is 2 dimensional right?

me: Right.

Jack: Well then 3rd dimension is the next one up when something is in 3D.

me: Well it means it has sides and takes up space, not flat. Not necessarily just like the 3D movies…

Jack: Will you let me finish? So then there’s the 4th dimension. I’m pretty sure that’s all about smell. So you have something you can see, and then you add the smell, so it’s the next dimension up!

me: Cool.

Jack: Do you want a massage?

me: Sure.

Jack: Lay down.

me: I think I’d rather sit up okay?

Jack: Okay, but it’s not gonna be that great. Here, let me flip your hair around. You like that right?

me: Totally.

Jack: (sniffs my hair) Wow your hair smells like really nice conditioner.

me: Thanks Jack.

Jack: (sniffs again) Actually it’s more like french fries. The specific kind at McDonalds.

me: Interesting. I didn’t eat fries today.

Jack: So, see? THIS is the 4th dimension!

me: My hair smelling like french fries?

Jack: Yeah. And today, this kid at camp showed me his double-jointed toes. He can totally scratch ALL of his other toes with his big toe. It’s HYSterical! Then his foot looks all skinny and weird.

me: Have you moved on from the 4th dimension topic or is this a segue?

Jack: What?

me: Nevermind.



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