I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

The cost of doing business


Jack: Sheesh, we’re the only customers!

me: No, look. That family is here too.

Jack: So you’re saying that WE are the ONLY people keeping them in business??

me: Right now yes. But I’m sure people were in and out all day. Right?

Jack: I never see anyone in and out all day.

me: You’re in camp all day.

Jack: Oh yeah.

me: I hope they do well.

Jack: We’re here EVERY single DAY! They should be doing great!

me: We spend $7.00. I doubt that pays the bills.

Jack: So stop ordering a small cup and go for the big waffle cone next time whydontcha?

me: Ugh, too many calories.

Jack: Get the low fat kind!

me: Ugh…


(yes it’s the new ice cream place that we found on the way home from camp)


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