Quote of the Day: Disney


We’re leaving in the morning for our vacation. Jack and I will meet my mom and her husband in Orlando for 5 days. I’ve been talking it up like crazy. I think Jack will have a good time at the water parks and a few of the rides that he should be old enough to handle. I hope it’s not too dreadfully hot because I still have that pesky fever. Oh this should be interesting, eh?


Jack: You know, I’m really not that excited to go to Disney. Why don’t we just stay home and use the town pool?

me: GRRRRR!!!

Jack: (pauses poignantly then laughs) Kidding!


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Disney”

  1. I used to say things like that because I thought it would make my parents feel better.. like after working 20 hours on a doll house and dad getting super frustrated with the staircase, “It’s okay daddy, I won’t play with it that much” or getting my hair permed and right afterwards saying “well i’m never doing that again”. Now i realize that my comments were pretty much the worse thing possible to say… lol.


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