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Hump Day


Because it’s Wednesday and because I heard the Humpty Dance today on my way to the gym. Ahh memories of my friend’s Saint Bernard as it goosed me with it’s nose (and then tried to hump my leg) every Friday night when I went to my friend Karin’s house to get ready to go out to a club. This was Abner’s theme song for sure. When I heard the song I tried to post something on her facebook page but my stupid phone wasn’t connecting to anything. Ah technology just a few tiny years later…

Okay, what was I going to talk about today you ask? I have a few random things to cover and then I thought I would post a few photos to catch you all up on things. I’m behind, I know it. No need to get all crazy about it now.

Here are just a couple of “interesting” things Jack said while on vacation with me in Cape Cod last week. Enjoy!

Jack: There is NOTHING slimier than my armpit. And I mean nothing. And there is nothing rockier and harder than my head. (as he knocks on his forehead).

Jack: (after I told him a story I made up) I grade that story a B+. Not enough content but interesting enough. Good conclusion! The better grade you have the better Mommy you are. And the more I will respect you. (wtf)

(We went to Duck Harbor to see the sunset. I carried chairs, sand toys, snacks, our water bottles, 2 towels, Jack’s sweatshirt and my camera and phone. I tripped and plodded along in the deep sand, hurrying to get over the dune so that we wouldn’t miss the sunset.) Jack: Ahhhh this is SO relaxing to just walk right into the sunset.

And here are a few photos. Not all are from Cape Cod, but I’m sure you can tell which are which. Any questions, just ask!


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