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Same sh*t, different day

Jack: You know what? People always try to do two things at once. Listen to music while they work. Read while they eat. Talk on the phone while they’re pooping. It happens EVERYwhere!

me: People are busy, so they like to get things done all at one time I guess. You always read while you eat your cereal, right?

Jack: Yeah. So do you!

me: Yep.

Jack: You like to do three things at once sometimes, like talk on the phone while you’re making dinner and pretending to pay attention to your son.

me: Nice! I always pay attention to you.

Jack: No you don’t! I think you need to take more parenting classes.

me: Why??

Jack: If you took them you’d already know.

me: Gotcha.

Jack: They’d tell you how to cook dinner better. Maybe I’ll just take that over. I can follow a recipe you know!

me: Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Same sh*t, different day”

    1. I think I’ll let him cook next week some time. I will let you know. I’ll just go lay down on the couch and see what he comes up with. Ha ha!


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