And that’s why I hate the holiday season

I had to take Jack to see his pulmonary doctor today. After 4 days of calls from the school nurse I had to admit that Jack’s “cold” wasn’t getting any better. It was pretty asthmatic sounding with lots of wheezing.

The doctor said I had done the right combination of inhalers so at least we weren’t dealing with a critical situation like last time. Whew!

Jack: Do I have to go to sparring??

me: Yep.

Jack: But I couldn’t breathe!

me: You’re fine now. We will keep an eye on it ok?

Jack: What was he saying about the flu?

me: That you could get a flu shot to help avoid any more lung problems.

Jack: When, like when I’m 8?

me: No, like in the next week or so…

Jack: Whaaaaatt???!!! Nooooo!!!!

me: Calm down… It…

Jack: (cutting me off) And THAT is why I hate the holiday season!! It’s the season of shots!!!!

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