Happy Holiday Phrases

I think this is my longest ever blog-free stretch… Sorry! Oh, Jack has been saying sh*t but I’ve just neglected to tell you. I know. I said I’m sorry.

It’s been a rough week in my part of CT as you all definitely have heard. Our holiday spirit was shockingly put on hold. We’ve done everything in our power to support and help our friends in Newtown and little time has been left to think of much else. We haven’t been able to celebrate Christmas in our usual manner knowing that so many friends lost so much. I hope you will all help me to remember the shooting victims by lighting a candle in their memory tomorrow afternoon.

Jack and I are currently at the mall trying to find any last minute things we need. He desperately needed clothes after the 3-inch growth spurt he subjected me to at the end of summer. Jack’s feet literally grew 2.5 sizes. He started school with size 2 and now he will find a very nice 4.5 under the tree. Crap, I have a lot to wrap…

We picked out some things for Jack’s friends and a lot of things for Jack to wear. Finally.

Here are some things you would have heard if you had come to the mall with us. No really. You should have. It’s awesome the day before Christmas Eve.

me: Jack, don’t you think Gavin will love his gift?

Jack: You picked it out. I was just walking along being miserable.


Jack: (flying a toy space shuttle along every surface and knocking things off shelves) Sigh. The “turbo” is pooped. My attempt to go forward fails miserably. (He drops the shuttle on the floor.)

me: What does that say on the side of your shuttle.

Jack: It’s a plane.

me: Whatever.

Jack: It says USAF? What?? Oohhh US Air Force duhhhh… My friend got a plane like this at the “HB” ya know… The “holiday boutique”, get it?


me: Can I have a kiss?

Jack: Maybe you need to do a better job brushing.

me: Sigh.

6 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Phrases”

  1. I thought you lived in MA? I am less than 20 miles from Sandy Hook. I drive through it en route to Danbury and points west a few times a year. The whole thing is just chilling.


    1. Born in MA, schooled and living in CT since oh 1993? Can take the Masshole out of MA, but you can’t … Er … Yeah. 🙂 I’m about 2 miles from Newtown. We’re still in shock from the shock actually. Santa hasn’t even wrapped Jack’s presents yet… Hard to get through all the holiday stuff.


      1. That would put you in Monroe, Bethel, Oxford, somewhere in there. My wife went to high school in Monroe for one year. We are planning to downsize the house in the spring and Oxford is definitely on our radar. It’s a small blogging world.


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