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Even Sinbad gives parenting advice


Sinbad: How old is your son?

me: 8.

Sinbad: What’s the worst thing he’s ever said to you?

me: Oh man (my family cracks up) there’s so much to choose from… I guess I’ll go with “you’re annoying”.

Sinbad: What!? He said that to your face?? Let me tell you…if that boy was in a black family… He’d only say that one time.

me: (laughing)

Sinbad: So, what did you do for punishment?

me: (sheepishly) Um time out?

Sinbad: See?? You just gave that kid some uninterrupted time to sit there and think how annoying you are. Here’s what you do… Next morning when he comes down for breakfast tell him there’s no food, because you didn’t want to ANNOY him with it. See how he likes that. Do it again at dinner. After a week I bet he’ll stop saying that word to you!

(Everyone is howling with laughter)

Sinbad: Or, just duct tape him in the time out for two days because you didn’t want to ANNOY him with getting up and down.

me: (still laughing)

And later that weekend…

me: Hey Jack, remember the comedy show I went to? I got some good advice from the comedian on how to stop your backtalk. Wanna hear?

Jack: Oh great, what ANNOYING advice did the “funny man” give you…(he actually air quoted)

me: Never mind. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Even Sinbad gives parenting advice”

  1. I hope you got it on video so you can show Jack!!! loooool!!! I can almost picture Jack doing air quotes as he speak.


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