How we mangle the English language.

Or is it mangel? It’s hard for kids to learn how to spell some words because frankly we don’t always pronounce them correctly.

Sentence = pronounced as Sentince.

Avocado = pronounced as Avacado.


We were eating breakfast out on Sunday, and Jack was getting a bit rowdy.

me: Hey, keep it down. Let these people enjoy their breakfast…

Jack: Enjoy or Injoy?

me: Huh?

Jack: Injoy our Outjoy. (he cracks up laughing)

me: Sigh.

4 thoughts on “How we mangle the English language.”

    1. I think I’ll actually have a moment to tackle the demands of this award. 🙂 (only because Jack woke up sick and I see a day of videos in our future) thanks again for thinking we are worthy!


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