Harry Potter Book 5 better be good

NOT a review.

Jack kind of gave up on those. I may try to coerce him for this last book, but he’s already finished up 732-ish pages of Book 4 and dove right into Book 5. Over 800 pages yo!

Last night we watched the movie. I liked it, just as I did in theaters. Ahhh Cedric Diggory… how you’ve grown…

After you died of course. And moved on to become eternal.

me: Jack, it’s okay. He didn’t really die you know.

Jack: (hiding his tears when Cedric’s dad yells “That’s my boy!”) Sniff…

me: He’s just an actor.

Jack: I know… (more sniffles and wipes)

me: Was it scary?

Jack: No, because I read even scarier stuff in the book!

me: True.

Jack: How come you let me watch this if it’s PG-13?

me: Well, I had to think about it. I figured if you read the book, and were scared or had trouble with any parts, you would tell me, and then maybe I’d hold off on the movie for awhile. But you seemed okay.

Jack: It’s cool how people can pretend to be dead.

me: Well, it may look cool, but it’s just acting.

Jack: How did he know when to die. Did he see the actual spell come out of the wand?

me: That was fake too honey. Probably added in by computers at the end. Someone told him “when you hear this noise, fall down and play dead” or something.

Jack: Oh. Can I start book 5?

me: Don’t you need a break?

Jack: Nope. And I’m telling you, this one better be just as good!

me: I’ll let J.K. Rowling know.

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter Book 5 better be good”

  1. Still my all time Harry Potter book is book 3. That’s when things started to fall into place for me. We found out Peter Pettigrew was the rat, Harry got the invisibility cloak etc.


  2. I started reading them to my little brother when he was in second grade (he kept begging me to. Sam and I were reading them so Cale of course had to be to!) We didn’t even get three chapters into book one before he picked it up on his own and read the reast of them by himself.


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