I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

What’s this stuff? Oh…it’s dinner??

me: (warning growl)

Jack: OH! It’s dinner! Heh heh. (frowns into his plate)

me: Jack, you specifically asked for this rice in the store. And you love turkey burgers…what’s the problem??

Jack: I changed my mind about the rice. It must have been the other one!

me: Could you please try it before you say you don’t like it?

Jack: (tries) Heyyyy, it’s pretty good actually!

me: Sigh…

Jack: Could I have some more?

me: Told ya so…

(Later on the phone with his dad)

Dennis: So what did you have for dinner?

Jack: (glances at me) Uhhh… Rice and some meat thing like…

me: (cutting him off) Turkey burgers Jack. TURkey BURgers!

Jack: Uh turkey burgers, sheesh mom’s being annoying.

Dennis: Sounds like a good dinner.

Jack: (whispers) Nooooo…

me: I’m right here you know.

Jack: Sigh…


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