Response to last night’s post!

me: Hey Jack, I saw your notebook in the kitchen and it was open to a page with some lyrics on it. What does this mean? (I show him the page)

Jack grabs the notebook in horror.

Jack: Mom you’re not supposed to read my private things!!! How can I trust you now??!!

me: It was open and I saw it. I didn’t go snooping. Explain.

Jack: That was (friend) who wrote that! I don’t even know what it is! But I can’t trust you now!!! (He starts to cry)

me: Where did your friend hear these things? They don’t sound very nice.

Jack: I don’t know!! (Sniffles)

me: Well I’d like you to tell him to please not write these things in your notebook. Especially if you don’t know where it’s from ok?

Jack: (more sniffling) Okay.

me: I’m not mad at you but moms have to keep their little boys safe, which is why I have to ask you about things like this ok?

Jack: But that’s my privacy!

me:: You can have privacy but you have to use good judgement. I’m sure you know that little boys shouldn’t be talking about beer, right?

Jack: Yeah. But now your mad and it’s all (friend’s) fault!

me: I’m not mad at all. I will be mad if I find out you’re not telling me the truth about something. Always be honest, even if you think it’s bad. That always works out better for you. Trust me.

Jack: Oh sure! That’s just what parents say when they want to make you feel good about something!

1 thought on “Response to last night’s post!”

  1. Interesting… I had a friend who was a bad influence on me and my Mom kept telling me about him, but I never really listened.

    Years later I can see what she was talking about so I’m hoping it doesn’t take that long for Jack. 🙂


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