The comeback king

Why oh why is this a new phase? When do the phases end, by the way? And why are there no good phases??!!

me: Hey, don’t touch that, it’s not clean.

Jack: You’re not clean.

me: Knock it off Jack.


Jack: Can we watch a movie?

me: Not tonight, it’s too late.

Jack: You’re too late.

me: That doesn’t even make sense.

Jack: You don’t even make sense.

me: Stoppit.


me: What do you want for dinner?

Jack: Food and lots of it.

me: That’s not very specific is it?

Jack: You’re not very specific are you?

me: What did I tell you about doing that?

Jack: To not to.

me: Better follow that advice buddy and be all sunshine and rainbows for me.

Jack: You’re all sun–… Heyyyy! I said I need food over here or at least an appetizer!

me: Sigh.

(Almost had him calling me sunshine and roses. Ha.)

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