Stripey turns 6


Stripey is Jack’s sleep friend. A small, bug-eyed gray and white stuffed kitty that has had it’s fur rubbed smooth by years of hugs.

Jack never misses a nights rest without her. Except for the time that we left her at the sitter’s house and I told Jack that Stripey was on “an adventure”. I had to make a small book about it with illustrations showing the different adventures that she was having in a strange house.

Or the time Jack slept over a friend’s house recently and didn’t want to appear uncool. Stripey stayed home. But other than that, she’s always by his side.

His day care teacher once misspelled Stripey’s name as “Strippy” on the blackboard when she listed all the little kids’ “friends” names. Jack hasn’t gotten over that and its been over 5 years! My phone keeps auto-correcting it to Strippy also… Ugh. One little girl in Jack’s class had a blanket called Bankaboo. Ha ha! I still remember that. These little furry things are important, right?

If you have kids, can you take this challenge? Name as many stuffed animals as you can… Omg there are so many! And the names are funny… Here’s a sample…

Midnight I mean Pepper (that is her full name)
Eagle the beagle
Blue guy
White kitty

Ok that’s enough for now! ( there are too many to name )

Jack: Is that your blog?

me: Hiding the phone. Uh, no it’s work…

Jack: You’re texting!!

me: Nope. It’s my blog!

Jack: Heyyy, you better not write any lies.

me: I’ll do my best.

Jack: And that blog better not contain ANY embarrassing stories! Why did you ask how many stuffed animals I have??

me: Uh…

2 thoughts on “Stripey turns 6”

  1. I don’t know if you watch the Big bang theory on TV but they have a song called soft kitty and now you can find soft kitty stuffed toy online if you Google it. Anyway my boyfriend loves cats and we both watch Big Bang Theory so he gave me a soft kitty cat and its grey and has stripes and I almost named it Stripey cause it reminded me of Jack’s stuffed cat but I changed my mind and named it Kiwi. And Kiwi says hello Stripey. 🙂


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