Tae Kwon Do

Almost a black belt – Nerd style


Jack and I are taking our final pre-tests this Friday for our black belts. Can you say holy sh*t??

It’s been a long 3 years yo! Jack is so excited. And of course so am I. Good accomplishment for an old lady ha ha.

I catch Jack flexing in the mirror and checking out his “muscles”. Though I have to admit they are in there and ready to come out. But right now he’s so tall and lanky.

Jack: I’m a jock you know.

me: Jock?

Jack: (flexing) Yeah an 8-year-old jock!

(Said as he goes off to put on his glasses, bury himself in Harry Potter for an hour and then play on the computer)

me: Ummm… I think there’s gonna be another name for you…

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