Snackable, which is my new favorite word btw


Just the word alone makes me hungry. Mmmm, snackable. And who isn’t hungry at … oh … 12:34 A.M! Everyone is hungry at this hour. It’s why cereal was invented.

Jack came to my office on Monday because schools were closed for Columbus Day, and alas, my office was not. This is usually a marathon on the iPad for Jack. He generally loves it. But this time, I tried to mix it up with having him do Xtra Math online, plus Khan Academy, which is his new fave. PLUS, I had him make me bracelets on his new loom (which is really just another fad invented so that kids have new ways of torturing themselves ala Pokemon Cards… “I’ll make YOU a bracelet, but I’m not making HIM one”… “Waaahhhhhhhh!!!”…. Sigh). The loom is also just another toy to use as a threat when 8 year olds misbehave. “I’ll take THIS right now Mister, and it’s going WAAAAYYY up here until you can behave!” (I open the cabinet and a nerf gun and some water balloon contraption falls out and hits me in the face… Jack jumps up gleefully because this is like Christmas for him even though I’m PUNISHING HIM helloooo, and he forgets about the loom as he dives for the long forgotten nerf gun). SIGHHHH.

Where were we?

Okay, remember, we’re at my office. Just making sure I didn’t lose you.

Jack: Can I have a snack?

me: Sure. I have an apple, a banana, a yogurt… whatcha want?

Jack: (looking aghast) Is it all just healthy???!!!

me: (mocking him, which is a new not-so-favorite and annoying habit that I’ve acquired). OHHH NOOOO not HEALTHYYY!!!???? GASP!!!!

Jack: You’re making fun of me???

me: (sheepish) Sorry. But seriously what do you want.

Jack: What else is there?

me: (digging in the lunch bag) Um, a cheese stick, and another veggie sushi roll.

Jack: That’s still all healthy!!! Where’s the sugar-coated crap??!!!

me: Sigh. Whatchitmister.

4 thoughts on “Snackable, which is my new favorite word btw”

  1. I can’t believe how much he’s grown! I’ve always loved reading about you and your little man, but it’s always comical to me how much he reminds me of my brother. I recently moved out to the east coast and am about 1200 miles from home. Talking on the phone to my brother has started to resemble these little snippets of Jack you share with us. I don’t get much time with him, but every moment is an insight into how his little brain is working and growing. 🙂 Much love!


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