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Never too young to argue politics

I took Jack and his friend to the school Halloween party. The ride over was very special. Oh and I’m eating Fudge Stripe Cookayyys right now ala Odd Todd!

Jack: You’re going to Virginia tomorrow?

Friend: Yeah. It’s an 8-hour ride!

Jack: Why are you even going there?

Friend: We have to see a new property we’re moving to in two years.

Jack: Why are you moving!?

Friend: Taxes mostly.

Jack: Yeah, they’re high here.

Friend: And to get away from the Democrats.

Jack: Dude, you’re a Republican??

Friend: Yeah. What are you, a Democrat?!!

me: Well, we really don’t say…

Jack: Yeah we are!!!

me: Do you guys even know what that is?

Friend: Republicans hate Obama.

Jack: Yeah pretty much. I think he’s cool.

Friend: You like his rules that we have to follow??

Jack: I don’t know about any rules. It’s a free country. He seems cool.

Friend: But what about all the bad stuff he does?!

Jack: Don’t know don’t care. So can we talk about the PARTAYYY?!!

(Discussion over)

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