What I missed in 2nd grade…

me: Hey, don’t forget you have to study for your social studies test.

Jack: The test was actually today.

me: Oh, ok, how’d you do?

Jack: Pretty good.

me: Did you know all the answers?

Jack: I think so.

me: What kind of questions were they? Multiple choice?

Jack: Yeah some were that, and some were open ended.

me: Open ended. That’s a good phrase. Do you know what that means?

Jack: It’s when you write an answer after reading the text.

me: Text?

Jack: It means the question.

me: I know what it means. I’m just surprised you knew it, that’s all. I’m impressed.

Jack: Mom, that is so second grade. I learned that like 2 years ago.

me: I think I learned it in college haha! Good for you.

Jack: Maybe you should’ve paid attention in second grade.

me: Touché.

Jack: I have no clue what THAT means.

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