I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

When am I old enough to…


Kids can’t wait to get older. Their parents wish they would always stay young. 😦

Jack has asked this same question a thousand times. When will I be old enough to…? You can fill in the blank.

Jack: When can I trick or treat by myself?

me: Maybe when you’re a teenager. Maybe.

Jack: Awwww! When can I have a phone cuz all my friends have them!?

me: When you’re old enough to be somewhere by yourself. Sooo, you’re years away from that too.

Jack: Then when can I be at the mall with my friends without you?

me: When you’re old enough to drive yourself there.

Jack: Well, when’s that?

me: You’ll probably be 17? Something like that.

Jack: Argghh but that’s forever away from now! But I can use your car right?

me: You’re gonna have to buy one somehow.

Jack: Yeah, well how old do I have to be to move out??!! (He stomps away)


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