8 things that Jack says without realizing


Jack says a lot of sh*t as you all know. He’s banned me from saying certain things or from calling him certain pet names out of embarrassment. He’s only 8 and he’s embarrassed by me? Argghh! Well I can be a bit over the top.

However there are some things that Jack says that would be equally embarrassing if anyone found out. Not that I’m telling. 😉

I just realized that at some point I’m probably going to really have to ask for permission from Jack to post this stuff. I don’t need him mad at me just because I needed blog content!

Now for Jack’s top 8 sayings. Let’s hope he doesn’t read this anytime soon.

1. Feel my butter cheeks. (Jack says this when he wants to show off his smooth face. He literally has the worlds best skin. And he can thank me for applying 8 years of sunblock.)

2. Make my hair all cute. (This is said in the morning if he doesn’t want a Mohawk. I need to know this code.)

3. Purrrrr. (Like a cat, Jack purrs when he is especially happy. It usually involves lots of hugs for me!)

4. Who’s a fluffy little man? (Reserved for Brownie the hamster. Because he really is a fluffy little man!)

5. Goodnight and meow meow. (We both still say this at bedtime. Jack says meow meow as coming from Stripey his sleep friend and I still say meow back to them at the door before I shut off his light. I wonder when that one will end.)

6. Can you make maple brown sugar plus plain with raisins and cinnamon? (Literally how Jack asks for his oatmeal in the morning. Instead of just saying Can I have oatmeal.)

7. Squeeze! (Jack still says this when he gives me a hug. I’m sure he doesn’t even realize it anymore.)!

8. DK DC. (Don’t Know. Don’t Care. I hear this a thousand times a day. Annoyingggggg! To say the least)

Well that’s the list! Any bets on when he will give up some of the phrases?


6 thoughts on “8 things that Jack says without realizing”

  1. Wow you remembered I’m from the Philippines. The storm hit a different part of the country but it was devastating to see what happened to some of the towns and cities, all submerged in water.


  2. Hopefully with number 5 Never! Im 32 and when I sleep down my mums she always tucks me in and says “night night, sleep tight” and I still finish with “mind the bed bugs dont bite!”. We have been doing that since I an remember! xx


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