3 ways things have changed from a year ago

1.A year ago…
Jack: Can I have breakfast??
me: Sure. What do you want?
Jack: Cereal.
me: (I get him a bowl and he reads while eating)

me: (still in bed) Did you eat?
Jack: Yeah I ate two bowls of cereal and some banana bread. I already played legos for an hour. Oh, and I watched a video while I ate.
me: Grunt.

A year ago…
Jack: Want to play with me?
me: Okay, just let me put the plates and food away.
Jack: (whining) You always have to do stuff first!!!
me: Jack, I’m hurrying! The cats will get this if I don’t put it away. Sheesh.

me: Do you want me to come up and play legos with you?
Jack: Sooo not happening. (slam)

A year ago...
Jack: Can you call my friend so we can have a play date?
me: Let me talk to his Mom first. We have to coordinate. I have to find a few hours when I’m free.
Jack: You don’t have to stay with me!
me: I don’t really know his parents, so I’m gonna stay while you play with your friend. Or you can invite him over here.

me: Are you going over your friend’s house?
Jack: Be back at 5:30! (he yells as he’s going out the door to hop on his bike and ride a few houses down to his friend’s house)
(The cats and I stare at each other)

Anyone else noticing the same thing? 🙂 I looked back to find a post from last year that I could reference. This is a good one. We still have that same morning song and dance going on, though Jack is much more independent. I still trip over nerf guns in the hallway.

2 thoughts on “3 ways things have changed from a year ago”

  1. Noooo!! This is all happening too fast. So now he’s allowed to go to his friends’ houses all by himself. In a few years, they’ll be watching the movies, going to the mall all by themselves.


    1. Tell me about it! Way too fast. He rides his bike to his friend’s house, though I have him call when he gets there and sometimes I drive him and pick him up. Yeah. Free time for me. Who woulda thought!


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