1 new thing I learned from an 8-year-old


The scene opens to a dimly-lit train interior packed with Millennials going to NYC. And then there’s us. Playing Scrabble on my iPad. Two 11-year-old girls sit across from us. Jack keeps one eye on them at all times. He adopts a “cool guy” slouch sit posture.

me: Your turn.

Jack: (thinks for a bit while studying his letters). Ohhh! Ah-HA!

me: Looking over his shoulder. What’s that? That’s not a word.

Jack: It sure is.

me: No it is not. I’m looking it up.

I pull up the definition and start reading it out loud as Jack reads with me. I gasp, then stop reading. Then start laughing. The two girls giggle. Jack looks pleased with himself.

me: Where’d you learn THAT?

Jack: Around.

Definition: Check it out here...

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