Here comes the 9 year old

Wow, I can hardly believe I’m in my 4th year of blogging about my little man and the sh*t he says. It hasn’t stopped! I keep finding new material! And next week I will update my photo to say Sh*t my 9-year-old says. Omg. 9. Do any of you have advice for me? I’m sure this will be a fun year for us. The last year of a single-digit age. {sniff}…

I’ll do my best to post the most entertaining bits of my conversations with Jack. I hope you continue to enjoy reading them!

A note to my group of new followers: THANK YOU!! Drop me a note to say hi and let me know how you found us. I’m always curious to see how we travel around the globe… 🙂

And now for more Sh*t:

me: (laughing at a joke that Jack told me) Hey can you tell me that again? That was funny.

Jack: Is this for your blog?

me: (damn) Nooooo…

Jack: Yes it is!! My whole life is your blog!

me: Maybe my whole blog is your life.

Jack: Don’t tell me dumb things you learned in the 70s…

me: Nice. Well if you won’t repeat your joke, then tell me something interesting.

Jack: Okaayyy, but this is weird…

me: I can handle it.

Jack: You know when you look in a puddle and see your reflection?

me: Yeah…

Jack: Well, what if the puddle is reality and YOU’RE the reflection?? Did you ever think of that???? If the face in the puddle moves away, THEN YOU DONT EXIST ANYMORE!!!

me: (blinking) Cool. Now I have a headache.

Jack: Sigh…

6 thoughts on “Here comes the 9 year old”

  1. Wow… 4 years. Nearly half Jacks life!
    I think I found you guys here after a comment you’d left on my blog led me to see what this little kid was all about. Needless to say that your lil pip made the trip well worth the effort — which leaves me feeling mixed about coming back at times… that pip quips better than me!
    Anyway… it’s been an honor watching him (and you, Deb.) Grow.
    Now then, my advice? According to Mom I lingered too long in the nest, evidently moving out at 18 was selfishly late on my account… so perhaps you culture the man to it some now. Baby steps. Sleep in the dog house. A hotel. A hostel… you get the idea. Save some heartache. If things go well, you’ve got maybe another year or two left with each other ;-).
    I kid!
    Also, tell Jack to do a cannonball in a pool! We can test his puddle theory of reality, and experiment with what might lie on the other side.!


    1. Thanks for the comment! I love fan mail lol. Yes half his life … I can hardly believe it…So if he moves out next year, you’ll set him up in the city, right?? Ha! Funny how bloggers find each other. Kinda cool!


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