2 or 3 words that Jack should never say

me: You know what? You should start a blog. I could help you set it up. It’s easy. And then you could type whatever you wanted about games or legos, or anything…

Jack: Oh yeah, I’ll start a blog and it will only have 3 words on it.

me: Be very careful before you say those 3 words out loud mister.

Jack: (cracks up laughing). Nevermind! Can I play my game between the writing and spelling homework?

me: No. Homework first.

Jack: Can I play after!!???

me: We’ll see…

Jack: We’ll SEE? That’s a NO!

me: We’ll see is distinctly neither a yes or no, and it’s depends entirely upon the circumstances that happen during or after homework.

Jack: Why does everything you say come out in long drawn out sentences?

me: Hey, I’m old. I have lots of words left to use up.

Jack: Yeah, well I only have TWO words for you that I have to say.

me: Sigh.



2 thoughts on “2 or 3 words that Jack should never say”

    1. Yay a new header!! The party is not until Feb 8 due to the overbooking of the lazer tag party room haha. Photos are coming. The cake lady just left me a message. You’ll see a Minecraft themed cake this year. Can’t wait to eat that sucker. 🙂 I will definitely post some pics of the party. And if I get my act together, I’ll put up one or two from Jack’s actual birthday. Right now we are both still doing TKD for sure! We both got our black belts and are cruising towards 2nd degree black belts. (ok maybe 3 years from now lol). Thanks for asking!


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