You have to believe me when I tell you this…


Maybe I’m super excited because Jack’s 9, or maybe it’s because I have the fancy new header up there (point-point) or maybe because I’m typing on my computer instead of my phone…either way, I have another post to post! Side note, I hate words that mean the same thing. Like the other day I had to type an email about a display that we were going to display…sigh, so I tried to say we were going to show it at the show…double sigh. I just stared at that email for like 5 minutes and then deleted it. Guess what, the Earth still turned, planets still aligned. No one died!

Which is a nice segue into what I’m about to tell you. Not the dying part, the planets part. True story. Just ask Jack. (that could be his blog title yo!)

We were leaving the house heading to Taekwondo and I looked up into the sky.

me: Hey Jack, check that out. It’s Jupiter. Can you believe you’re looking at the largest planet with your own eyes?

Jack: You mean that little dot? It’s so tiny!

me: It’s amazing to think of how huge that planet is and we’re actually looking at it right now.

Jack: Mom, why is it moving towards us.

me: (staring) Aw crap. It’s a plane. Let’s go.

Yeah, so that happened. Sigh. We cracked up laughing on the way to class. Then AFTER class we were heading home and I really saw Jupiter.

me: Okay, now see THAT? That’s Jupiter. Ha ha. I can’t believe we were looking at a plane before.

Jack: (staring not blinking) Um…

me: Wait, is it twinkling? Because planets don’t twinkle. Only stars do. I think it’s twinkling. Darn it! Maybe that’s just a star too. Where the heck is Jupiter??

Jack: Um…this one is moving towards us too.

me: (staring carefully without blinking) Oh yeah, it has a red light. Sigh. Let’s go home. I give up.

Jack: We can try again tomorrow.



4 thoughts on “You have to believe me when I tell you this…”

  1. Hewhehe — We’re ALL guilty of this… At least you admit it! Tell Jack about Europa for me, the icy moon of Jupiter, with the fiery core; covered in ice which hides an ocean beneath — with Aliens! (Actually, this is a real thing. And awesome!). By the by (darn those words!) I love Jack’s Ninja shirt in the NEW, sparkley header. I must have one of these in my life. Time to go! (Scourers amazon for an adults medium…)


    1. Usually I’m pretty good at the night sky watching. How funny that I screwed up twice. Ah well. Yes, Europa! Will do! And as far as the ninja sweatshirt…think it was just somewhere cheap like Target. Good luck. 😉


  2. Ok, you can fix this—-there is a cell phone app that tells you what constellation, planet, satellite, or whatever you are looking at when you point your smart phone at it. My husband has it. I don’t recall the name, but I’m sure you can look it up. 🙂


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