9-year-old Minecraft Birthday Party! Finally…


Well…we waited long enough for the actual “friends” party! Two weeks!! That’s like forever when you’re turning 9. Lazer tag was just all booked up…so we had no choice. The party finally happened yesterday. I can assure you that in typical fashion, almost everything went wrong, but we still had an awesome time. Why do we always have so much drama?? Want to hear the story? I hope you’re sitting, it might take awhile.

It was a cold and stormy night. I mean dark. Well, actually it was a cold and sunny morning. Very freaken cold. Cold enough that my mountain of a driveway which NEVER has seen the sun due to its position on the earth was a sheet of ice. That didn’t stop our cake lady from trying to drive up in her new car. Nope. She was determined to get that Minecraft cake in our hands in time for the party. The only problem was that her car turned sideways and lodged itself partway up the driveway and wouldn’t move. Well, rather it would move, but just not in the way that she was prepared to have it move…sideways, very fast, down my driveway and into a snowbank, and then possibly down my neighbor’s driveway which is the opposite of mine, and heads down into the woods into a frozen stream. So she waited while I threw some sand down, almost broke my neck, and hoped her son would show up to move her car. (psst, I could have moved it but she was too nervous to let me try).

I put down 200 lbs of sand in my sweats, in non-regulation ice-walking shoes and bare hands. I was filthy, cold, and my sort of good hair day had long blown out the window. But, it looked like we would be able to move her car and get the show on the road, as they say.

Jack’s friend showed up while we were waiting for the cake lady’s son to get here. His mom called my cell. It was too icy for them to walk up. Of course. So they were trapped in the street. This was getting “funner” by the minute. šŸ™‚


Oh wait, first look at the cake…


Cool eh? It’s all blocky and Minecrafty. Loved it.

So, back on the driveway, the son shows up (Really cute too! Though, probably 20 something…phooey. And he was late because he stopped to get SAND! LOL! I have 500 lbs of the stuff right here, point-point..) and says that we better take the cake out of the car first. So I grab this huge cake on a board and start walking up my driveway in a tiny path of dry tar surrounded by a skating pond, wearing slip on Sketcher booties. HAHAHAHA. I wouldn’t trust myself to carry the cake across the kitchen. But it HAD to be done! Inch by inch I walked up the driveway, and though it was freezing, I poured sweat right through my shirt out of sheer nervousness. It was heavy too.

me: Jack get out of the way.

Jack: Look! I’ll kick the snow out of your way so you can see! (he almost slips and leg swipes me)

me: Get OUT of the WAY!

Jack: Sheesh what a grouch. (he starts walking slowly on purpose)

me: MOVE! (he runs to the top of the driveway wearing crocs and almost breaking his face). Now you have to open my hatch and I’ll slide this into the back of the car okay?

(I look down the driveway and they are inching the car down into the street)

Jack: Wait, is that block thing my CAKE? It’s just a block!!

me: Jack, get the hatch open. Go.

Jack: WHERE’S the STUFF? It’s just a block!! That is the worst cake ever!

(I’m ashamed at this next part, and if you’re not someone who cares for swears, please click off this page and move onto some other nicer blog with a nicer mom. Sorry.)

me: Jack! Shut the F up and get into the F’ing house right now. That is the rudest thing I ever heard!

(yeah I said it…It’s the first F bomb I’ve dropped to Jack in 9 years I think. I said Freaken once, and Shit a bunch of times, so really I’m not too too bad, right? heh heh…)


So Jack has this open-mouthed look of Holy Crap on his face and goes in the house. Now I feel guilty and don’t really care about the cake, but I get it into the car and go down to walk his friend up the driveway holding his hand. Stupid F-ing driveway. I pay the cake lady and say thanks and Bye. We walk about halfway up the driveway and the cake lady comes back down the street. She had forgotten to leave me all of the Minecraft cake topper stuff. That’s why the cake looked like a block. That’s why Jack was upset. That’s why I swore at him. Sigh. She leaves it in the snowbank because my mailbox got PLOWED OVER in the last storm and lay frozen under two feet of solid ice.

I think there are bills in there. šŸ˜¦

She yells up at me “Don’t forget these when you leave!!!” Ohhh of COURSE I won’t forget them. HAHAHAHA! That’s foreshadowing btw.

Anyone else see that I’m getting all “funned” out by this time? So I run in the house and see that we have to leave NOW! I yell to Jack and his friend to put back ON all of the shoes and sweatshirts and coats and turn OFF all of the games that they were able to turn on and start playing in 5 minutes, and GET IN THE CAR! I run and throw on any stupid thing I can find, and don’t even fix my hair. Who cares what I look like, right?

We all get in the car, I make sure we have the favors, the balloons, the cake cutter, the lighter, the candle and secure the cake. Off we go. My car is absolutely fine going down the driveway. Well of course now it’s like the Sahara Desert with all that sand. We are SOOO going to be late. I get about 2 miles away and suddenly think of the little cake toppers sitting in my snow bank. Are you F-ing kidding me. This time I do yell SHIT, but make it sound like SHOOT (or SHIIII-OOOTTT), and screech to a halt in an intersection. I hope Jack’s friend’s mom isn’t reading this.

I kept him safe at ALL TIMES! Really!

I reversed about 2 miles back through 2 streets and then turned around to get the toppers in my snow bank.

me: Jack unbuckle now and get ready to jump out.

Jack: Why?

me: You have to grab that little baggie of stuff in the snow.

Jack: Why are you so lazy?

me: Lazy? I’m driving! Jump out!

So he picks up the baggie and now off we go for realz. We get to the party in pretty good time, and I pull up right in front in the rotary and jump out leaving my car double parked with the hatch up. I carry the cake and Jack carries the bag.

Jack: Are you moving your car?

me: Nope. It can rot there. Those people shouldn’t have parked in the unloading zone anyway.

Jack: Uhhh… Ok.

We get checked in and get ushered into the party room. All is well. The cake made it in one piece, some people were a few minutes late so we had some breathing time, and the kids started to get excited to play lazer tag. Whew. I had a massive headache, was dehydrated and hadn’t eaten anything yet. My friend walked in with his son. “Hey, you should see some crazy person that parked there car out front and just left it! All the doors are open and everything!”.

Heh Heh…

Well that’s the story. Here’s the epilogue, of sorts:

1. The candle was broken, so instead of being 9, Jack was 0. The little stump fell off.

2. Half of the kids didn’t show up. Some didn’t even RSVP. We’re living in a “society” people! We have rules! šŸ™‚

3. I videotaped everyone singing Happy Birthday and it was really funny because all of the kids sang their own version of it. But then when I went to watch it, I had somehow only taped 4 seconds of it. And the photos I thought I took after that were nowhere to be found.

4. I ate 3 slices of pizza, had a piece of cake, finished Jack’s mountain dew that he swore he wanted and then swore he hated, then finished his piece of cake. Awesome. Bleh.

5. After the party we had to rush up to Massachusetts to visit my mom in the hospital. Literally. Zoom!

6. And last but not least, let’s look below at the photo of how the entire day started. šŸ™‚


How does Jack think that “dumb butt” and “jerk face” will get him anywhere in life??

Here are some more photos from the party and from Jack’s actual birthday 2 weeks ago. And thanks for listening. It really does feel like therapy! And I don’t have to bore any of you with this story again! Because I know there are a few of you that heard this entire story and suddenly “had to go” off the phone. You know who you are. šŸ˜¦ Sigh…





8 thoughts on “9-year-old Minecraft Birthday Party! Finally…”

  1. Hahaha! That sounds like an awesome day šŸ™‚ I can’t believe he turned 9 already! I’ve been reading this blog since the URL made sense haha. Happy birthday!


    1. Hey thanks! And you’re the only one who has ever mentioned the blog URL. That pain in my butt! It used to be 5yearold when I was at blogspot, and when I switched to WordPress I upgraded it to 6yearold and lost most of my followers. So now I’m stuck with it. Though I wish I had kept it at 5… I’m chatty because jack and I just polished off another huge piece of his cake and I sorta have a sugar buzz goin on ;)…


  2. Very funny, and, HO-BOY, can I ever feel your frustration in this. Nothing quite so entertaining as a soul bared, tho — so thanks for that!
    I don’t know if manufacturing techniques have improved, or if I have some sort of a shoddy memory, but that cake easily trumps anything I EVER got when growing up. “Just a block”, or otherwise. Forrealz!
    Well, at least you’ve got another 365 (1/4) to go until this type of shenanigan happens again.
    Cant wait to read all about it.


    1. Haha glad you enjoyed! I used to get a homemade cake by request…chocolate with chocolate frosting. Zero decorations. Just candles. And for the record, I apologized to Jack for the swearing. It was a good way to show him that moms are human too! Not always at our best ;),


  3. Is that the Minecraft survival figure set? Very nice and cool cake.
    Where did you buy the action figures. Hope he had a fun birthday šŸ™‚


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