80-minute hike

We went icicle picking today to get the last icicles of the season… I hope. We have a rail trail near our house with lots of rock formations on either side, which make great places for the icicles to grow. We’ve been doing this for about 7 years now.

Even though it reached 60 degrees, we found plenty of porous ice just waiting to be kicked by a 9-year-old boy in brand new size 6 hiking boots. Which, by the way, are now caked with 13 different types of deer poop. I’m like “Can’t you see that pile? He’s like “What pile?” Sigh.

Jack: Turn around for a sec…

me: Why, what are you — Oh. Didn’t you just go?

Jack: I have to go again.

me: Write your name in the snow there, haha.

Jack: Mom, I don’t drink enough water to do that!!!

6 thoughts on “80-minute hike”

    1. You can always ask! Well maybe not 13 “kinds” of poop…they were probably from the same kind of deer, but the 13 piles ranged in color and smushiness of the pellets. So… It was kinda gross that he stepped in every pile we passed.


    1. We have cold and colder! For about 5 months, ugh. We just came back from another hike up a mountain but the trail was still all ice. Not much fun. Holding out for spring!


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