Legos, cats and other randomness

Jack: (playing Legos) Slurp! Cough! Romanamonam! Omg I set this up wrong!!! Now I have to turn this guys head backwards!! Hey mom ya know what!

me: What?

Jack: You smell bad! Dun dun dunnnnn!! (Whistling)

me: Not nice.

Jack: (shooting noises) When’s Gavin gonna be here?! Hey Ed. (Ed jumps across his Legos) Haha. (Smacks himself in the head). Can you stop now. Stop blogging. Stop!! You’re still blogging!!! Let me see!

me: I was out of ideas today.

Jack: I know what to call it. Legos, cats and other randomness!

2 thoughts on “Legos, cats and other randomness”

  1. I’d love to see Jack write a blog entry. All his own words. On an entirely different note, I went to the beach here in my country (Philippines) for a 3 day weekend. The place is called El Nido. The sand is so soft and fine it’s like flour. It is that soft and fine and white. I’m not kidding!!! And a few steps into the water (knee deep), you can already see different kinds of fish swimming around you! I thought I’d mention it because you and Jack love going to the beach every summer. I’m sure you and even Jack will be speechless when you see some of our beaches. Or maybe not because Jack always has things to say haha!


    1. I’ll ask him to write one! Sometimes he gets very shy but you never know. :). And you’re making me long for the beach! It’s been so rotten and cold here for so long… Ugh…


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