Another forced march. Aka: YOLO

Jack woke up at 6 even though I explicitly remember saying that today I was going to sleep forever. Bleh. But the birds were chirping and the sun was out so I felt a little guilty for wanting to miss all of that!

Here’s how the day started. Jack climbed on me and woke me up.

Jack: Mom, can I play my game at 7?

me: Ugh what time is it now?!

Jack: 6:15?

me: You’re wheezing.

Jack: No I’m not.

me: Yes you are. Come do your inhaler and then you can play for a bit.

(I’ll point out that at this very moment, Jack still had the privilege of playing a video game. Any guess as to how that turns out?!)

Jack: No.

me: What? Come here. (I go in the bathroom).

Jack: I don’t want it! I’m not wheezing!!

me: Get over here. It takes one second.

Jack: You’re mean!!!

me: Mean for wanting you to breathe? Let’s go.

Jack: I’m not wheezing and I won’t do it!!!!! Wahhhhhh!!!!

me: (really?) Last chance!

Jack: I hate you!!

me: Okay, video game privileges are lost for this morning and you still have to do the inhaler. NOW!!

Jack: Wahhhhhhhh!

(Sheesh so loud, so early)

So then he demanded breakfast and I made him use manners and then he slammed things around and I told him we were going on a long walk. The look of utter horror as if i’d just asked him to eat live worms let me know that once again this “punishment” would make him think next time haha.

But first he gobbled down 2 big bowls of Cheerios with blueberries. Yum.

We grabbed his scooter and set off. I had Dunkin Donuts in mind since I was craving a coffee!

Jack: But it’s freezing out!

me: Get a sweatshirt.

Jack: Sigh.

We walked for maybe 20 or 30 minutes to get there. Along the way we looked for “treasures”, which are defined as cool things that we can pick up and take. Part of our walk path follows a slightly busy road and detritus always accumulates on the side. I found a red bead and a softball (which I tossed back into the nearest yard much to Jack’s chagrin). He found a glow-in-the-dark nerf disc and a small blinking reflector stop sign that was still flashing.

(Jack just interrupted me)

Jack: Hey Mom, pull your car out of the garage.

me: Why?

Jack: We want to wash it!

me: I just got it washed yesterday. I’m not turning on the water now.

Jack: No! We can do it next door! Drive it over there!!

me: No.

Jack: Aarrgghhh! You never let me DO anything!! (He tears back through the house and slams out the back door).

Anywayyyy…. Where was I?

Oh, the peaceful walk to D&D. So overall we had a good walk. I only had to tell him 65 times to get closer to the curb with his scooter. At D&D he ordered a bagel with cream cheese plus a chocolate frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles and an OJ. Remember, that is on TOP of the cereal. Ugh. Kid can eat!

As he was eating we had this little conversation…

Jack: I just burped up some Florida.

me: Huh?

Jack: Orange juice!

He took half of the donut and put it up to his face like a smile. And then he deeply inhaled the donuty smell.

Jack: Sniffff!!! Gah! I just sniffed up a sprinkle! (Snort! He blows out.) Got it! (Chew).

me: Ewww!!!

He cracked up at that one. Gross. The walk back was hotter and seemed longer! We saved some earthworms that were struggling in the road and then saw two gypsy moth caterpillars trying to cross the street. We put them in the grass. Our good deed for today. 🙂

Jack raced ahead of me, dumped his scooter at the bottom of our driveway and hid behind a big juniper bush.

me: Jack are you peeing?

Jack: No. I’m sitting.

me: Why are you being goofy and sitting in there??

Jack: YOLO!
(You only live once.)

me: Gotcha. Enjoy.

He tears off to the neighbors house and I can hear him yelling about the awesome blinking stop sign that they can add to their kids’ club.

So get out there and enjoy the day! Pick up some “treasure”! Save a bug! Dodge cars! Eat a donut! Spend time with your kids!



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