I couldn't possibly make this sh*t up.

Quote of the day – Metro North train style

Actually there are a couple quotes here.

We’ve been held hostage by the commuter trains again. A drawbridge isn’t working between our stop and NYC, so we had to drive around the problem to another station, which was complete bedlam. They made us switch platforms 3 times in hot angry throngs of people with heavy luggage banging on everyone’s ankles up and down stairs. Ugh!!!

Jack: This is awful!!!

me: Could be worse. You could be doing this with two broken legs.

Jack: Har har.

me: They’re doing the best they can. Everyone is confused and they don’t know which train is going where right now.

Jack: No. They’re just stupid,

(The angry mob chuckled at that.)


Then we finally got on the train after an hour and a half or so of driving and tromping around.

me: Here’s a snack.

Jack: What is it?

me: Cheese doodles and peanut M&Ms.

Jack: Yayyy! Healthy snacks for once!!!!



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