Flashback to some sh*t Jack said when he was 5.

I can’t believe I’m still writing this blog. Wow. It’s been forever and still doesn’t get old. I’m starting to print all of the blog posts in book format so that we have a copy and also so Jack can read them. I hope that’s a good idea haha.

This is one post that made me laugh out loud. It feels like only yesterday that this happened. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flashback to some sh*t Jack said when he was 5.”

  1. I remember the very first entry I read on your blog.. It was featured on freshly pressed I think. The one where Jack went to a birthday party with all the animals like iguana. I wish you have vlogs too. Youtube video blogs. if you ever plan to stop blogging, please make at least one vlog so we can watch mother and son in action 🙂


    1. So that’s where you came from! 🙂 I remember opening WordPress that day at work and gasping at the 1,900 or so views that I received. Holy moly! Good idea on the video. I will look into that! Now I’m posting one more flashback. 🙂


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