Digital Technology

One a day?

Can it be done? I’m going to try. I didn’t realize my last two posts were 2 weeks apart! Remember the days of daily posting? I sure do. I thought life got easier as your child got older, and in many ways it does. However, I find myself racing through my days sometimes with zero breaks. Zero!! Then I drop into a coma of sleep and wake up with one of the cats sleeping on my neck. Ugh!

me: Jack if you do an Xtra math on my iPad you can play a game.

Jack: well that’s good because I’m playing in Matts clan and I have to play for at least 10 minutes a day.

me: Huh?

Jack: Oh and in Jetpack Joyride if I play today and for the next 3 days I get an awesome unique uniform that you can’t get anywhere else!!

Anyone see how the games are starting to control the kids????


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