Why no one comes over

me: Why don’t you have your friend come over here instead of going to his house.

Jack: Ok! I’ll call him!

me: But…No video games. You’ve had enough. You guys can play outside.

Jack: What, like on the SWINGS??!! And that’s exactly why no one wants to come over. You make us go outside.

me: Well if I let you go over your friends house I don’t want you playing any more video games today.

Jack: Oh that’s ok! We can just play outside in his yard. Thanks!

me: ??

3 thoughts on “Why no one comes over”

  1. I am guessing he says he will play in the yard at the friend’s house because you will not be there to actually enforce it. Swings are fun. I think there are so many things that are FUN but kids have been told by other kids that they are “for babies” or some such nonsense. Really? Then how come teenagers go and play on playgrounds so often? Because it is boring and for babies? No. Because it is fun.


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