Holidays, Travel

Working on our sunburns

Jack and I are on vacation in Florida this week! Yay! We are staying in Orlando but drove down to West Palm to surprise my sister for her birthday. We met up at Peanut Island for a day of beachy fun and snorkeling.

And a day of burns.

I was so busy taking care of Jack that I forgot about my face . Ugh. Well, I can say I got “some color” haha. Cept it be red… 😉

My sister then asked Jack if he wanted to stay with them for 2 nights while I headed back to Orlando with my mom.

me: Yeah I guess that would work, I don’t have much of his stuff but I do have his Epi pens, glasses, sunblock and toothbrush. (Coincidentally I packed stuff just in case…) Jack, hey what do you think? We were planning to go to Universal on Tuesday so —-

Jack: (interrupting) See ya later lady!

He jumped in their car with his hand out for the iPad…

me: Sigh…



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